What’s The Point Of A Lawn?

What's The Point Of a Lawn

A father and his son are walking back to their home after a trip to the store. Taking a gander at the properties lying around this slice of suburban life, they notice something. The lawns. Well, the dad does – his son is more preoccupied with staring at the sky, or being mesmerized by the cars going past. As a passing comment, the dad says “isn’t this great?” – the son questions him, and the dad nods over to the acres of green patches, perfectly trimmed planted and watered. The son shrugs his shoulders! “So what, people mow their lawns. It’s just grass?” The dad shakes his head and they both walk on.

This is the feeling of many. There are those who ‘get’ lawns and those who don’t. Both are correct in their feelings, but lawns can only ever be appreciated by those who know what a lawn means, deep down. It means a lot. When someone has worked on a lawn, or tried to cultivate a lawn, they are able to appreciate what a lawn means. For the rest? Their time will come around, but they can be forgiven for wondering what exactly is the point of a lawn?

The lawn takes work to maintain and the perfect lawn is going to take some seriously hard work and graft to obtain. The breakdown of the work involved isn’t limited to mowing, but fertilizing and watering amongst other tasks. This hard work gives you a status symbol to be proud of in a fully green and trimmed lawn.

The lawn isn’t a status symbol for no reason though. It has its roots in European riches and royalty. The lawns that were the daddies of today’s lawns surrounded the castles of aristocrats in Europe. These wide expanses would be trimmed and kept flat for defensive reasons. These deliberate gardens were cultivated and eventually became a pursuit of the rich as patterns started to become trimmed into lawns. Grass lawns popped up across the world, especially when there was a palace or stately home at the center. It was tough work in those days, with miles of grass to be cut only with scythes. When the first lawn mower came with the Industrial Revolution, mowing and trimming lawns became a lot easier – and cheaper. When people began to earn more, they could save and buy property – so the average person could access a lawn and the equipment to mow. Mowing and trimming used to mean weeks of back-breaking work, but not anymore. The lawn dropped down to the lower-middle class and the citizens of Chicago, Birmingham and other industrial towns gained access to something that would have previously been reserved for the Palace of Versailles. This has been boosted by something else – the rise of suburban life. Suburbs were designed away from the cities with self-contained non-communal living. There was land to exploit, and each house had its own potential farm and it’s own lawn. Every man could access paradise and sustainability through their own home if they wanted to put the work into it and while not too many would opt to grow vegetables in the back of the home, almost all suburban homeowners would indulge in the pursuit for the perfect lawn. While it’s still hard work, that goal is easier than ever. These BestMower.reviews show off some incredible mowing technology and the average budget of the suburban home means that people can afford gardening help more and more. We are finding it easier to mow the perfect lawn – and while the rich flee back into the city with their penthouse suites, it’s everyone else who is indulging in these one time pursuits of fancy and luxury.

When people flocked to the suburbs to start family life, they weren’t handed many instructions for their new life. They will have noticed the perfectly trimmed lawn out the front though – and in Levittown, the town designed as the ideal American suburb, they were only handed one thing – flyers telling them how important their lawn was – and how they could keep it fresh, green and trimmed. Hardly a pressing issue, but this caught on. The lawn is a true feature of the home and it has become something that reflects on ourselves and the value of our property. A green grass lawn is something to aim for now, and despite the sweat you might work up on a hot September day while you give your lawn a mow, you might wonder what the point is. Take a look around you. The point is that and the perfect lawn or even a trimmed lawn? It’s something to be proud of.


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