Tips For Creating A Secret Garden This Summer

Tips For Creating A Secret Garden This Summer

If you’d like to do something special with your garden this summer, now is the best time to start planning the work. We are currently experiencing a heatwave in the US, and so you’ll want to act fast to make the most of the weather. Creating a secret garden could be the best way of escaping from the world. There are many ways you could go about doing that, and the ideas published on this page are simply there to give you some inspiration. At the end of the day, you just want a quiet and secluded outdoor space where you are not bothered by the outside world. As you will soon understand, that might be more realistic than it sounds.

Buy part-grown trees

It would be nice if you could purchase some seeds and wait for the trees to grow, but that could take years. To help make your secret garden a little more private, you should purchase some young trees from your local specialist. The people working at the nursery should be in the best position to offer advice in the best species. Ideally though, you just want to get ones that are going to grow to be very big. That way, you can ensure your garden space is free from prying eyes.

Look for colorful flowers

Colorful flowers are not going to make your secret garden more secluded. However, they will make it look much more appealing. The staff at your local garden center will know which ones you want to purchase. When all’s said and done though, it doesn’t matter too much with flowers. So, you can just select the ones you find most attractive. At this time of year, red, yellow, and blue colors are the most popular. Even so, there is nothing wrong with opting for something out of the ordinary.

Dig a secret pathway

No secret garden would be complete without a secret pathway. That could lead to your sheds or an even more private area with some seating. Unless you’re feeling strong, it makes sense to employ the services of the professionals for this one. The folks at ProActive Landscaping say they are called in for jobs of this nature all the time. Indeed, most landscaping companies tend to deal with the same requests. That means you should find it easy to locate and expert with the right skills. Just ask your friends and family members for some recommendations.

Add some outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is vital if you want to make the most of your secret garden. You will want to enjoy the hidden space, even when the sun has gone down. These days, you can get some fantastic solar powered lamps that could be ideal for the job. Just look online at all the different solutions available before making your selection. Some people even opt to buy a small outdoor lamp post. You can get them in a Victorian style, and they look kind of cool if you have space.

Whatever you decide is best for your garden, we can’t wait to see what you manage to create. Your neighbors are sure to feel envious of your little slice of heaven, and that should put a smile on your face. Enjoy your gardens this summer guys. It’s going to be a hot one. Thanks for stopping by!


Featured image/Flickr: Counse


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